Cecilia Carter


I believe that you as the client are an expert on yourself. Meaning, no one knows you better than you. I see myself as a partner who is trained to walk alongside you; as you travel on the journey of self-discovery. I understand that my role is to offer support, validation, tools, and perspective. It is my goal to create a safe space that allows clients to explore all parts of themselves. I want to empower clients to be able to identify counterproductive beliefs that create internal conflict and lead to negative thinking and maladaptive behaviors.  I believe that we all come to this earth already equipped with everything that we need, we all possess a  knowing self, that when clear of trauma and the fall-out of unfortunate circumstances, helps us to make decisions that are alignment with our purpose. Traumatic experiences, disappointments and life in general, tends to cloud our judgement, impact our ability to trust our judgement and ultimately to listen to our knowing self. I believe that when we are able to validate experiences and offer compassion to ourselves, we are then able to process through our traumas and allow the knowing self to lead our lives and not our traumas. It is my mission to teach clients I encounter to trust themselves and their ability to discern self. Offering therapeutic support is my gift and I feel blessed to be able to walk in alignment with this purpose. 

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